thought I’d let you all know that there’s a new soundtrack out today for THE WATCHMEN and it has some great tunes. Dylan, Hendrix, Joplin, Simon & Garfunkel - tons of great tunes. check it out!
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Feminism: (Not A) Lady

Kittie : Random Songs from Three Albums

Hey, hey, look! The community is very much alive, Greenie! :-D

Aside from that point, I've recently prefered female lead vocalists over male vocalists (with the exception of Nine Inch Nails and 30 Second to Mars). So, I downloaded some Kittie - an all female alternative metal band from Canada. I only have a handful of songs that weren't too let's-thrash-scream-the-entire-time, and they have just that right level of feminine angst/anger to make you go mmmmmm....hell yeah!

What little I've uploaded is all older songs, since their newest album, Funeral for Yesterday, is less alternative metal and more (alternative?) power metal, with the deep emphasis on chords and what not. Listening to the new album evoked such strong memories of Iced Earth. I was momentarily confused and lost in 2000. *shudders* Iced Earth. Oh god. SYMPHONY X. STOP ME, PLEASE. Anyways, the new album is very... epic sounding. And metaphysical. All strong characteristics of power metal.

Trust me on this; I wrote my senior paper on the progression of metal music in America (with emphasis on occult influence, or lack there of).

So, here you go (all through MegaUpload):

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Rubyfruit Radio, featuring the best in female indie artists.

Rubyfruit Radio is a podcast featuring the best in female indie artists and female fronted bands.

You do not need an ipod to listen, you can listen on your computer or any MP3 player.

Past artists featured on the show include Amy Ray, Rilo Kiley, Edie Carey, Melissa Ferrick, The Gossip, Sleater-Kinney, Anne Heaton, Catie Curtis and many, many others.

Check out the website.
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Sorry I missed church

Looking for info on a song/band:

So, I just watched Bound again, with the director's commentary on. And they identified for me a song that's playing in one of the scenes--"Hopeless Faith" by The Hail Marys.

I really like it. I'd buy the song. I'd buy the album.

But I'm having no luck finding either. I figured I could ask you guys, given that the Hail Mary's is an all-dyke band. Anyone know anything, or have a copy or a link to a website of theirs or somethng?

Thanks. :)

ETA: Hey I found it!. Leaving this post up in case you were interested in the song too. :)
Katalina - brown polka dot

Aimee Echo

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Aimee Echo of theSTART of course.

this is my first mood theme and i hope you all like it.

all i ask is that you please credit me!
instructions and mood under the cut...

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and the BIGGEST thanks goes to brokenwords for ALL OF THE LOVELY PICTURES!

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for all your dresden doll icon making needs


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for all your theSTART icon making needs, i just created this community..i dont have anything set up yet, but please join, i should have everything ready to go in a week or so, the first contest will start when we have 20 members.

i think that is all..if there are any questions feel free to ask me, i hope you all enjoy and again, please credit me for took me alot of time and effort.
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This link will take you to the site where you can give Oxygen your zipcode and they will donate $1 to Katrina Relief Funding for every zipcode they recieve. Sorry if this post is unrelated or redundant, but I think it's pretty necessary that everyone do their small share to help out.

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