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because chicks know how to rock too

angry female music
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Clitrock is for rocking female artists and those who appreciate them.

"Rock" encompasses all branches and genres - yes, even pop. You decide what goes and what doesn't, though the interests are a good guideline. Feel free to suggest any bands you think should be added to them.

"Clit" encompasses - well, it's fairly obvious. Artists and bands being discussed must contain at least one extra X chromesome - preferrably in the lead singer. However male artists are welcome in reccomendation and comparison, and certainly guys are welcome to join the community.

We welcome stories of women on the road, discussion of your favourite clitrockin' artists, downloads and reccomendations.
Download links, lyrics and reccomenations should try to follow the following format.

Brief summary or genre:
[link/lj-cut lyrics]

& Check with the mod before pimping a community. Users who pimp rating communities or anything irrelevant sans permission will be banned.
& Capitalisation, spelling, grammar and punctuation are all appreciated.
& Anyone who gets personal gets banned - this community is not for wankers.

Props go to the audioscrobbler group by asymptotic_ for inspiring the creation of this community.

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femme_rock: girl rockers with staying power
grrrldrunge: girls in bands
girlmusic: women in music

born: 21.02.2005

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