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8/9/05 03:47 am - nomen_mihi_est - 23+ CDs for sale 50-69 Cents Each.


Hi! I have great cond-new cond. cds from 50 cents to 69 cents. A lot of them. Check it out. Sonic Youth, Smashing Pumpkins, Led Zeppelin, Prince, Elvis, Hawthorne Heights, Blind Melon, Poe, The L Word's Leisha Hailey's band, "The Murmurs".

Pics for All* See list under the cut!
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8/6/05 12:55 am - daisakura - Love Outside Andromeda

Hey guys :)

Well there hasn't been much updating for a while but my sister just bought me the Something White and Sigmund EP so I thought I'd share the other two Love Outside Andromeda songs from it that havn't been seen on the community yet (I don't think).

Titles: Raido and Starseed
Warnings: ?? Don't really know. Havn't listened to them properly yet!
File Type: WMA
Brief summary or genre: It's Love Outside Andromeda! Clit Rock to the max! :D

7/13/05 10:14 am - nomen_mihi_est - 24" by 36" Liz Phair Poster *NO TACK HOLES*

I'm selling this Huge Liz Phair Poster. It is 24 " by 36 " inches. Thats 2 by 3 feet, huge! It's so colorful and huge, I wish the photograph did it justice. I hear that all the time, bit this poster's amazing. You walk in the room and all you see is legs and guitar.

There are No Holes, rips, bendy marks, writing, or bent corners. This poster is completely Mint. It has a few marks on the back from where tape used to be, but like I said, no blemishes or bends or anything like that. I have to sell this because I am hard up. Someone please take this poster and enjoy. (and treat it right!)Shipping is only 2.50,and it comes in its own poster cylinder mailer/reusable.
BIGGER PICTURE GO HERE: http://www.livejournal.com/users/nomen_mihi_est/
Image hosted by Photobucket.com
Email me at nomen_mihi_est@yahoo.com

7/9/05 12:31 pm - nomen_mihi_est

"Every time I see your face..."

Liz Phair Bootleg. Whoo Hoo!--- "PottyMouth Girl"
Excellent cond. $6 plus 1.50 shipping. International shipment ask for a quote. I don't have it sitting right next to me, but theres more that 20 tracks. Email me nomen_mihi_est@ yah o dot com. Gracias amigas and amigos.

I have feedback at ebay , laundromatic and makeupalley.

6/17/05 04:38 pm - bentley - Bjork.

So, alt_music have had a clitrock theme, so if you've been missing this community there's plenty of awesome stuff over there.

Here, we're a bit inactive - but that's okay! I'm just hopeless with themes and so on and so forth. Maybe we should start putting out requests, which will at least garner some music being posted. But what I'd really like to see is a bit of discussion.

Make a post with your favourite female artist, and everyone can talk about them there. Whether they like or dislike them, the new album or when they tour, favourite songs, similar artists, whatever. Feel free to upload music to go with it! I just think it would make the place a little more social, so to speak, and get some words flowing as well as music. :)

Anyway, my favourite female artist would have to be Bjork, queen of the bizarre.

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In short, I love her. What about you?

6/16/05 01:02 am - daisakura - Ani Difranco

I've only just recently discovered Ani Difranco though I still don't know much about her yet. If anyone here has songs or info that'd be great! All I basically got from a bio online was that she's a Folk-Punk singer-songwriter who is openly bi-sexual and has achieved success independantly with her own record label.

I went on a bit of a downloading spree tonight. I liked this song the best out of the ones I've collected so far so I thought I'd share since it's really quite good.

Title: Two Little Girls
Artist: Ani Difranco
Genre: Folk-Punk apparently :)
Description: I think this song is basically about a relationship between two girls. Or maybe more about one of the girls. Oh I can't really explain it. *points to lyrics link* Figure it out for yourself ;p though I can say that I really like the music and how it's sung and ah, basically everything.
Warnings: Erm. I think language is alright but their's drug references.
File format: Mp3
Lyrics: Maybe I'm supposed to be the handsome prince who rides up and unties your hands,
or maybe I'm supposed to be the furrow-browed friend who thinks she understands

Cross-posted to alt_music cause they have the same theme as our community and even though I'm sure we all have Alt_music friended... we needed a post here too :)

4/29/05 09:01 pm - weltreisender - Theme Contribution & Bonus

Up to this point my efforts to convert my m4p's has been unsuccessful, so I will sadly just have to post the info on my contribution to the theme, but not an actual link to the song.

Artist: Imani Coppola
Title: Legend of the Cowgirl
Warnings: None
This song achieved relative popularity mid to late 90's (at least, in Europe, but I believe in the US as well), but it proved to be a one hit wonder.  It just always makes me want to dance gleefully around my room, pretending to be a hip cowgirl (I'm probably strange), but I thought I would share, since it is the first song I thought of when I read the theme.

Artist: PJ Harvery and Nick Cave & the Bad Seeds
Title: Henry Lee
Warnings: Murder.
I absolutely love & adore Nick Cave, and this duet with PJ Harvey is one of my favorites.  He does end up taking the role of the victim here, which for him is unusual.  What can I say, I like my music dark.


4/22/05 01:54 am - daisakura - Tori U2 Cover

So naturally now that we've moved on to the dance music theme I thought I'd finally contribute to the covers theme. That and it's late at night, I have nothing to do, and just downloaded this live cover of a U2 song by Tori Amos that I like.

Artist: Tori Amos
Title: Running To Stand Still
Summary: It's Tori and it's live. Tori live is the best thing in the world. Unfortunately there are people in the audience and they can be heard on the track occasionally but it's bearable. She talks for about 30 seconds at the start which is a little amusing. I wish I could make a comparison between the two versions but I can't remember if I've heard the U2 original or not. Anyway I think the song is quite pretty and emotional, especially towards the end.

4/19/05 11:52 am - lygophilous - Music To Dance To: Sneaker Pimps

A themed post of music you can dance to! Here's a fabulous group with a sultry female as the lead vocals. Please excuse the lengthy commentary and summaries, since I truly enjoy analyzing modern and postmodern music (is it obvious I received my degree in Music?). Enjoy! <3, Cat

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4/19/05 10:00 am - superexposed - Martha Wainwright

This isn't dance music, or covers, I'm afraid, but, rather, a must-share.

Artist: Martha Wainwright
Title: Bloody Mother Fucking Asshole
Warnings: Language?
Brief summary or genre: Comfy pop folk. But...! I love this song. I'll offer no explanation for that. And she has a really good voice.

Artist: Martha Wainwright
Title: When the day is short
Warnings: None, really.
Brief summary or genre: Even poppier than the first.

I'll post Sarah Harmer as soon I get to ripping her too...
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