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Kittie : Random Songs from Three Albums

Hey, hey, look! The community is very much alive, Greenie! :-D

Aside from that point, I've recently prefered female lead vocalists over male vocalists (with the exception of Nine Inch Nails and 30 Second to Mars). So, I downloaded some Kittie - an all female alternative metal band from Canada. I only have a handful of songs that weren't too let's-thrash-scream-the-entire-time, and they have just that right level of feminine angst/anger to make you go mmmmmm....hell yeah!

What little I've uploaded is all older songs, since their newest album, Funeral for Yesterday, is less alternative metal and more (alternative?) power metal, with the deep emphasis on chords and what not. Listening to the new album evoked such strong memories of Iced Earth. I was momentarily confused and lost in 2000. *shudders* Iced Earth. Oh god. SYMPHONY X. STOP ME, PLEASE. Anyways, the new album is very... epic sounding. And metaphysical. All strong characteristics of power metal.

Trust me on this; I wrote my senior paper on the progression of metal music in America (with emphasis on occult influence, or lack there of).

So, here you go (all through MegaUpload):

from Until The End (2004)
In Dreams

from Spit (2000)

from Oracle (2001)
What I Always Wanted

from unknown album
My Own Summer (remake of the Deftones original version)

My personal favorites are Loveless and Brackish (the latter being one of their more infamous "relatively popular" songs).

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